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organWe help churches, schools, and private individuals acquire high-quality vintage pipe organs, preserve venerable instruments from abandonment or destruction and champion the marvelous heritage of American pipe organ building. In addition we offer a full range of services relating to the pipe organ from full-scale renovation to maintenance and tuning.

We have a full-time staff of five people with considerable experience in the field. When a project calls for a larger team we call on our extensive roster of subcontractors, many of whom are experienced organbuilders, tailoring each crew for the exact requirements of situation.We have a large fully-equipped workshop located in New Hampshire where we can accomplish renovation and major repairs of organs of all styles and own hoisting equipment suitable for handling any pipe organ components.

alan laufmanThe Organ Clearing House was founded in 1961 by Alan Laufman whose devotion to the historic American pipe organ was without equal. Alan’s tireless efforts encompassed five decades and included participation in the relocation of more than two thousand pipe organs. His vision for the company was to preserve those organs threatened by urban development, parish consolidations and closings, and changing styles of worship by relocating them to appreciative new homes. He was the pioneer of pipe organ relocation.Alan’s long time associates and friends Amory Atkins and Joshua Wood were partners in the firm serving as president and vice-president respectively.  When Alan passed away in 2000, John Bishop succeeded him as executive director joining Amory and Joshua in the continuation and expansion of the company’s activities. We look forward to hearing how our unique services and skills can serve your church or school


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“In choosing OCH,I know that the work has been done with the utmost knowledge, enthusiasm, care, and integrity.”
– David Enlow,
Sub-Dean, New York Chapter, AGO