Manual 1

8 Spillflöte
4 Praestant
II Mixture

Manual II

8 Lieblich Gedeckt
4 Spillflöte
2 Praestant


16 Lieblich Gedeckt
8 Lieblich Gedeckt
4 Praestant
4 Spillflöte
II Mixture

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“The early work of a great master”

After his apprenticeship with Walter Holtkamp, Charles Fisk joined the Andover Organ Company and produced this small unit organ in 1958. Mounted high on the rear wall of a small but reverberant room, this organ has served the church for over fifty years and is still in fine playing condition. Ideal for a small room or as an antiphonal addition to a larger organ, this organ will be a wonderful addition to your musical life. We invite you to visit.


Additional Details:

Console by Estey. Wind supply (blower and regulator) in 100” x 50” x 37” enclosure behind the organ. Can be reworked to be more compact.

Pertinent Details

Date: 1958
Opus: 30
Approximate location:
Cambridge, MA
Asking price:
USD 10,000.00
Height: 9.67 ft.
Width: 8.08 ft.
Depth: 3 ft.
Dimensions do not include detached console.