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Church of the Resurrection - New York, NY

Organist David Enlow approached the Organ Clearing House in 2005 with an interest in leading his church in the acquisition of a vintage Casavant organ similar to that he played while growing up in Toronto. We pointed out an instrument


located in the “downstairs” sanctuary of a large church in Lewiston, Maine that seemed to answer his hopes. David and Father Barry Swain, rector of the Church of the Resurrection, traveled to meet John Bishop in Maine to view the unplayable organ. We organized the sale of the instrument allowing the Lewiston church to apply proceeds toward the renovation of the larger Casavant organ in their main sanctuary.

We dismantled and stored the organ while our friends in New York set about raising the funds for the renovation and installation of the organ. Meanwhile, David and John spent many hours together planning the installation, and designing the renovation of the console which would include a sophisticated solid-state control system festooned with plenty of rare gadgets that would increase the expressive capabilities of this beautiful instrument.

The Organ Clearing House crew built an extension to the church’s rear gallery and created two new organ chambers in the Chancel space formerly occupied by a large Skinner organ (since replaced by McManis in the 1960’s). The new organ would include a new four-stop Solo division including a Tuba built from E.M. Skinner dimensions on 15” of wind pressure and an authentic Skinner French Horn, and several sixteen-foot ranks held over from the church’s previous two organs.

resurrection console

Organ Clearing House contracted with and coordinated the work of all outside contractors for the project including Organ Supply Industries who built new wind chests, Peterson, who provided all solid state equipment, Broome & Company who did the reed voice and restoration work, A.R. Schopp’s Sons and Eastern Organ Pipes who fabricated new pipe work, Scot Huntington of S.L. Huntington & Company who undertook the tonal finishing.

The dedication recital will be played by Peter Conte, Grand Court Organist of the Wanamaker Store in Philadelphia on February 22, 2011. A complete listing of dedicatory events along with the ambitious programming of the church’s choir can be found at their website,



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“In choosing OCH,I know that the work has been done with the utmost knowledge, enthusiasm, care, and integrity.”
– David Enlow,
Sub-Dean, New York Chapter, AGO